Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pre-planning for my Bday Celebration

Yeah.. I noe I'm gtg older, so u muz be wondering what's there to celebrate abt being older? But well, using it as an excuse, i juz don wish to miss a good deal!

In 1 of the forum, there was a BP on hotel stay @ RWS. The hotel stay includes 4 USS tix! So far we have not being to USS or stay at RWS b4. And since it's such a good steal, so y not book & party on my BIG day! Every1 can make it except for my lit bro who be out of town for his overseas exchange program. Mum say he can join his fren to USS nxt time. Haha~ I am so looking forward to the RWS & USS trip. 1st time JE will be slping overnite, outside her comfortable home & yaolan. Her pre-training before we consider a Genting trip for her!

And i tink it's time to make passport for her. So we can bring her along for short trips to JB or even further away to Genting during the end of the year.

It's a long wkend tis wk & a long wkend nxt wk. No program yet. Gng to be boring sia! hai~

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shoud I or Shoud I NOT?

Today i have a very confusing qns in my head! Ouch! Wasting so much of my brain juice... My company is gng to participate in a run in July. I'm very keen in joining the run, but what if I tender before July! How am I going to face the colleague-organiser? She's a very nice lady, and if I'm gng to sign up for myself & hb, then I quit, how is she gng to find 2 replacements? Or worst, how to report to the big boss for the 2 vacancies? I have slowed down in my job search after i rejected a company for 'wasting my time'. Haha~ Well, i was offered a job but the position was very low & I guessed I wont stay long there, So i turned down the job offer. My turn to pick the 'employer', haha! So i'm targeting big firms, established one! And the previous 2 interviews I went, i heard that the positions r still available. It's their pity for not wanting a talent (specially adjusted the font) like me! My chances of gtg a job is lowered as my applications reduced. So chances of me staying till nxt yr is 50%.. although i'm still waiting for phone calls now. If i remained till July, i'm going to be very upset that others can run except me! I will love to run.. love to have companions for these runs. SO..So..so..
SHOULD I join the run?


SHOULD I NOT join the run?

BAGS for sale!!!

Above bag is for sale! Brand NEW with tags. Price can be negiotiable. Above is the description of the bag. Come with Coach Dust bag. If interested, email me hiyager[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Bluez!!

It's friday today. Everyone muz be excited & claiming TGIF! Well, i'm don feel the mood. Lot of updatez..

HB switching back to office hrs wef nxt monday. Gd news as it means I can go out more often after work! Plus my GYM..

Been SICK! Sick in terms of stupid sore throat causing my cough for 2wks already! Sick of searching for jobs.. waiting for interviews.. n waiting for news of the the interviews. So far attended 2 interviews, received countless calls fr agencies, & sent "hundreds" of emails.. haha.. No good new from anywhere. Look like i nid go Guan Yin Miao to pray real soon. Sian~! I wan a better job, something new for me to learn.. better company benefits, work-life balance. Hai.. Difficult meh?

My new coach bag will be delivering tis wkend. Very looking forward so i can change a new diaper bag! *Excited*!! Hopefully i like the size!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back from my Macau + HK trip. Overall abt the trip: Macau was nice.. but HK was bad..

We arrived in Macau on Thu Mrng, and the weather was freezing cold. The weather was 15deg C. Caught us by surprise as my research was 17 - 27deg C. The wind was blowing very strongly as we alight fr our flight. We had to wear our thin jacket to prevent us fr catching a cold. My hb spotted a gal, believed to be a singaporean, has to changed fr her short to a long pant at the airport coz it was too cold. Gtg to our hotel is easy as there are bus shuttle services. We were too early for check-in, so we took a stroll ard the Venetian Hotel. The place was big & we got lost a few times. Managed to check in at 12nn and our suite is HUGE!!!!!!! The living room is separated by the bed & the sofa corner. There are 2 TVs.. so 1 each for us.. There is a study table with printer and internet connection. But we din bring our netbook. :( The bath room is big.. 1 shower corner, 1 bath tub, 2 basins, 1 enclosed toilet bowl, 1 super huge dressing table & 2 close-up mirrors. The wardrobe consists of a ironing board & ironer too. I love the suite.. so big that i felt pampered in every corner of the room.

Afternoon, we took cab to the ruins of St. Paul where we slowly strolled thru the rest of the churchs till the Ah Ma temple. At this temple, for the 1st time, i heard & saw smoke coming out from a real fire crackers!!!! Ar!.. so loud & bcoz it was very smoky, i couldn't really c the fire crackers burning. My hb even suggest if i wan, i juz buy 1 of the fire crackers so that the temple will light for me to watch. haha! But we din buy in the end.

Evening, we met up wif Hb's colleague from Macau for a thai dinner. Food was great and we get to try 1 of the macau "raw prawn" dish. Tasted unique with their special bland of sauces...sweet & sour. As the weather was too freaking cold after the dinner, i quickly rushed into the cheapest shop in Venetian to buy myself a pair of jean at Giodano. Haha~ I cant afford all the other branded shops at Venetian, and i badly need a jean as I'm only left wif a short skirt & a kneel length pant. I will not be able to survive with such short bottoms for my next 3 days wif a 15-20 deg C temperature.

Fri took cotajets ferry to HK. Hb got subsidies rate as the cotajets is under his company's related subsi. It was less than half price per pax. Great savings on the ferry fare. Check-in at the Metropark Mongkok Hotel & begin our Big Buddha tour at Lautau Island, follow by a bus ride to Tai-O fishing village. Wanted to shop at the Tung Chung Outlet shops but HB FORCED ME TO BRING HIM EAT SEAFOOD. So travel all the way to Sai Kung to eat. It wasn't the same place as we ate last time coz we took a bus tis round. It brought us to a much more active town in Sai Kung and luckily, we spot a few seafood restaurants. Hb ordered the most expensive seafood menu, coz he paying for it. haha~ Small crabs, small prawns, small abalone, small lobsters, nice & fresh fish + vegetable. It was freezing cold again as the tables are located outside the restaurants and strong wind blowing. Although there was a huge plastic tent to shelter the wind, but we can still feel the cold and had to sit below the fire warmer... After seafood, we reached back hotel ard 11pm. No shopping. Sad!

Nxt day, we went Wang Ta Xian temple, shopping at the ladies mkt & Hua Yuan Jie when some of the shops are still setting up for the days or not yet open. Met my HK fren, Yaxin for lunch dim sum. Then we went to Peak. Freezing cold as the peak is high up the hill. After peak, we went to Toy R Us to buy Thomas & Train toys for Weilun. Wen we went back to Hua Yuan Jie at 9pm, they are closing for the day already. So no shopping again. Hb wanted to watch movie at 10, an english movie. So no further shopping coz movie ends at 12mn.

Sun, mrng breakfast at coral de cafe, and we went to buy lao po bin which opens at 10am. Next we want to do last min shoppings but none of the shops are open! Empty handled.. I din buy anything for myself in HK!!! Arrhhh.. i hate it! And i super angry wif my hb for wasting my HK trip. I wanted shopping and i got nothing from HK!

My conclusion: no more overseas trip wif HB and my son if i wan shopping!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Macau + Hongkong in Mar 2011

I'm glad to announce that I'm gng for a holiday again! And yes, it's back to Macau & HongKong AGAIN! I'm gng back to the same country that i went less than 1yr ago. lol~ This time wif a different party ---> Hubby! Juz the 2 of us only!

He has booked 6star Venetian Hotel @ Macau! Wif the corporate discount, it was only S$100+ for 1Nite! While HK stay was $150+ per Nite. We be spending 2D1N at Macau, 3D2N at HK. Air tix booked, hotel booked. So left the itinerary... HB wan sightseeing more.. while i prefer shopping more.. & since only 2of us. It be easy to co-ordinate! Looking forward for the trip!

My little boy turns 4!

Times really flies.. my boy turns 4, girl turning 1.5yo in another mth time! Cant believe my kids are growing up so fast!

My boy is picking up more languages skills at school. Nursery class now.. so he shd be learning how to write & read in English & Chinese to prepare himself for primary 1 in another 2+ yrs time.

We bought him a 4wheeled bicycle for his birthday present. He loves it very much & is coping to cycle the 'big' bicycle. It was pretty tall for him, but a bigger bike can lasts him more years. Now that WL got a new bike, HB got a new air pump for his own bicycle, both Dad & son had lots of guy bonding session over the wkends. Left me pushing little girl in WL's smaller tricycle ard the neigbourhood. Guess HB will buy a brand new bike for himself, & i will install a child seat on his old bike, so the family of 4 can go for a longer distance cycling trip!

JE has been 'growing' also. Her side big teeth r developing.. soon she can join us in our normal meals. And because she felt that she has more teeth, she can BITE people! Poor WL was bitten by JE during 1 of the playing session:

JE also loves to climb up & down.. UP the window frames & door grills.. DOWN under the table & chairs! She's walking quite stable now & hardly crawls. She will spin ard in circles or even attempt to run or jump.. & ended up on the floor.. haha~
JE is adapting well to strangers & my family members. She's also very jealous when I'm carrying other people. At my parents' hse reunion dinner, I helped to care for my nephew & she cries in tears! haha~ I wasn't allow to bathe every night if HB is not ard. If i say i wan bathe, she stick to me like glue! If i ran into the bathroom w/o her, she will cry outside the bathroom till i come out! Terrible hor! She loves to bathe, esp if she sees Daddy bathing Kor Kor w/o her, she will try remove her clothes (which she cannot) & walk into the bathroom even when it's not her turn yet... At least now the Dad is helping me wif some chores.. haha~